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Why are our learners so successful?
  • Unmatched completion rate (finished courses) averaging around 85%.

  • More leading English language publishers choose to work with us rather than any other company.

  • Morale-boosting support from coaches and tutors combines with online self-study to create a potent learning mix.

Elementary Skills
Practical English Starter

Packed with 56 lessons and a highly personalised learning method. It is ideal a person with basic English skills.
Core Skills
Practical English

Packed with 350 lessons and a highly personalised learning method. It is the ideal course for anyone wanting to improve their English as efficiently as possible to increase their score in an international English proficiency test.
Academic English

For university students who need English for their classes. Offers 30 hours of engaging listening and reading lessons with vocabulary from the Academic Word List, plus 15 short videos which provide tips on university study skills and how to stay motivated.
Business Speaking

Business Speaking is the perfect course to improve English speaking and listening skills. Lessons prepare learners for 30 common business situations, from meetings to telephoning.
Writing for Business

Designed to improve a learner's ability to write business-related correspondence for the international workplace. Learners are shown how to plan, draft and edit their writing using over 60 realistic business situations.
Need to Read

A reading skills course based on topical articles from international newspapers, designed to improve students' reading skills, develop vocabulary, and enable students to express their opinions about what they have read.

For everyone who wants a bigger vocabulary. Learners can read, write and hear new words, with regular reviews and tests, all geared to long term retention.
TOEIC® Test Tracker
For those taking TOEIC® Test Tracker; looking to assess their general English level; and institutions evaluating the language abilities of their employees and students quickly and cost-effectively.
Custom Programmes
Contact Us for a customised program.
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