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Use English

with confidence

English enhancement programmes

One of our experienced and TEFL-qualified trainers will conduct a free one-on-one assessment with you to pinpoint your key areas for enhancement. We will then use the latest Oxford and Cambridge training materials to help you quickly get more fluent in English.

Get your CV ready for your job search

Perfect English is just one component of a great CV. Utilising words that accurately describe you, your achievements and what you are looking for - is vital.

Interview preparation

Your great CV has helped you gain an interview, Are you ready? Let us help you with your spoken English, manage interview questions, and body language.

Real English by Excel Education Ltd.

Targeted English lessons that boost your confidence in using English for both work and pleasure. Learn key vocabulary, grammar and key speaking, listening and writing skills.

Networking & social skills

Before entering the job market learn how to network like a champion and use appropriate social skills at business functions.

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